Is A Lab The Right Dog For You?

Labrador Retriever Puppies

There are lots of reasons why labs make great pets—they are friendly, enthusiastic, and make great companions. But lots of labs also end up in the pound when they hit 6 months or so. So before you decide on getting a lab, its important to consider all the reasons why a lab might not be the right dog for you.

Labs Need Lots Of Exercise

Labs have almost endless energy, and if they don’t get enough exercise, they are quick to become destructive–chewing on everything in site. Be prepared for lots of long walks and games!

Labs Need A Lot Of Attention

Labs love people. Your lab is going to want to be with you all the time. Labs are not going to want to be left alone outside, nor will they want to be alone all day while you are at work. When you are home, they will want to be close to you…and they will want to play all the time. If you get a lab, you will be the puppy’s whole world.

Labs Need Training

Labradors are very intelligent. With the right training, they can be a real joy–their intelligence makes them great guide dogs and detectives. Without training, though, their endless energy is likely to get them into trouble. And remember, labs are big–anywhere from 60-90lbs standard–so what is cute as a puppy may not be so cute when the dog is full grown. Labs are notorious at jumping up and at mouthing, so you’ll particularly want training that focuses on these two aspects.

Labs Like To Chew, Chew, Chew

Labs were bred to hold things in their mouths. They have strong jaws, and they like to use them. All lab puppies are chewers, and bored lab puppies are monster chewers. And furniture, books, papers, electical cords etc. are all easy targets.

Labs Are Not The Best Watch Dogs

Labs love people. They are great in that they adore meeting new people and new dogs. Everyone is a friend to them. But because they are so friendly, they don’t always make the best watch dogs (although most will defend their owners if they sense real danger). Labs are also prone to following any stranger who happens by….so they can be difficult off-leash.

Labs Love Mud And Dirt

Labs were bred to be water dogs, and most love nothing more than to be in the water–whether its a crystal clear stream or a mucky puddle. Be prepared for wet dog smell! Also, labs adore finding something nice and stinky to roll all over in. Also, although labs are a short haired breed, they are still *big* shedders. Most lab owners report that they need to vaccum almost daily to deal with all the hair!

Labs are among our favorite breeds but if you are also interested in other breeds take a look at our partner site