Lab Rescue

Lab Rescue

Resources For Adoption And Rescue

Rescue organizations are often created by groups of people concerned with finding homes for dogs who have been given up for one reason or another. Most try to remove animals from the animal shelter system or accept them directly from former owners, and put them in foster homes while they work to actively find a life-long home. Many rescues focus on dogs of one breed, while others will rescue dogs from any breed.

Adopting a dog from a rescue or a shelter is a wonderful opportunity to help an animal in need. Too many people adopt dogs on a whim, without giving enough thought to the lifelong commitment of dog ownership. When the owner can’t cope with the dog anymore, many end up in shelter. Literally millions of dogs are euthenized each year when no home can be found for them. By adopting, you can help one of these dogs find their “forever home.”

When adopting a dog it is important that you avoid being swayed by impulse. Don’t just take home the first cute, cuddly dog you see! As with choosing any dog, you’ll do best if you are able to find a dog that best matches your needs and lifestyle. Some rescue dogs may have emotional or physical challenges resulting from neglect in their former homes. The right owner can make a WONDERFUL difference in these dogs life, and find that the dogs are wondefully loyal and loving—appreciative of their new homes and owners in a way that a dog from a breeder might never be.

Our Rescue Group page is a great resource for organizations that help with lab rescue.

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